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At Audi Clearwater, our commitment to customer satisfaction is obvious. Whether you are looking to buy or lease a new, used, or certified pre-owned vehicle or need assistance with maintaining your vehicle, we have you covered. In addition to offering auto repairs that range from oil changes, wheel alignments, and transmission repair to check engine light and battery replacements, we also specialize in Audi tire replacement in Clearwater.

Tire service is essential to keep your vehicle moving and your passengers safe. Learn more about the importance of tire rotations and Audi tire service when contacting the team at our Audi service center.

The Benefits of Tire Rotations

When you schedule routine maintenance, our team not only offers oil change service, but also tire rotations. This important service helps to ensure that your tires and wheels have even wear and tear. In many instances, the front tires have to work harder, which can affect the tire rotation patterns and tread life. We strive to extend the life of your tires with tire rotation service.

Why are tire rotations important? How your tires wear matters. For instance, rear-wheel-drive vehicles may put more pressure on the back tires while front-wheel drive vehicles put more pressure on the front tires. Regularly scheduling a tire rotation helps to even this wear so that the front and rear tires have even tread.

Tire rotations help to keep the tread depth uniform while also offering consistent traction and handling across all four tires. This helps to improve cornering and braking.

The Best Way to Maintain Tires

While Audi tire replacement in Clearwater is inevitable over time, how you maintain your tires can reduce the need for tire service. You can count on our certified technicians to perform a thorough inspection of your tires when you stop in for routine maintenance, but we highly recommend you do the following as well:

Routinely check the tire pressure: Each month, your tires will lose about a pound per square inch of pressure and possibly more during cold weather. Having the wrong air pressure affects the wear and tear, your stopping distance, fuel economy, and handling.

Balance the tires: At times, during a tire rotation or tire service, our team may notice that your tires need to be balanced. This happens at times because each tire and wheel have a heavy spot. If there is too much of a difference between heavy spots, you may notice uneven tire wear and a vibration when driving or stopping. If the wear and tear is too drastic, our team might recommend an Audi tire replacement in Clearwater.

Have the alignment checked: When your wheels are misaligned, it’s likely your steering wheel vibrates when you accelerate, and the vehicle pulls to the right or left. Misaligned wheels can impact the wear and tear and could lead to you needing a tire replacement sooner vs later. If you suspect your vehicle’s alignment is off, contact our Audi service center for a complete evaluation.

A Timeline for Tire Replacement

It’s true that tire rotations and tire service can help prolong the life of your tires, but inevitably, at some point, you will need an Audi tire replacement in Clearwater, FL. The best way to check out the tires on your Audi model is the penny test. This involves placing a penny head-first into the tread grooves of each tire. If you do not see part of Lincoln’s head, your tires are in good shape. However, if you do see his head, we recommend scheduling a tire replacement.

Checking the tread depth and tire pressure is important. However, there are also other indicators that you need a tire replacement or tire service.

  • Uneven tread wear typically indicates misaligned wheels
  • Excessive wear on just one side of the tire indicates an incorrect camber angle
  • Excessive wear on the shoulders of each tire may be due to under inflation
  • Excessive wear in the center of the tread means that your tires are over inflated

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The best way to keep your vehicle performing well is to schedule routine tire service at our Audi service center. We take pride in providing premium service, including an Audi tire replacement in Clearwater, and convenience with our online service scheduling platform.

Save more on tire service or a tire replacement when taking advantage of our monthly service specials. We are committed to enhancing your experience at our Audi dealership. See for yourself when scheduling tire service today.

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