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“Brake” Up with Your Car Problems in Clearwater

Noticing issues stopping where you intend? Then already know it’s time for brake service to help put a stop to your car troubles. Plus, since you’re working with us, only factory-trained and certified experts who know Audi vehicles inside and out will work on your cruiser to help ensure precise and swift repairs. So, get started today by scheduling your Audi brake service in Clearwater online today at Audi Clearwater to help restore your braking power.

How Do My Audi Brakes Work?

Before we jump into what happens during brake service, you’ll first want to understand how your brakes work for help with looking at why you’ll need to schedule repairs. In short, your pads do just as the name says—provide padding to buffer your discs, calipers, and rotors when they grip your tire components to help reduce the time metal scrapes metal, which reduces your visits to us.

Next, your brake calipers add an athletic touch on sporty models like Audi R8 while also providing a practical function—they hold your pistons and pads. Also, your caliper grabs your spinning wheel, which creates friction and helps you come to a near-instant stop safely.

One of the most critical brake parts is your rotors, which are circular discs that also grab your spinning wheel to help you slow down quickly. Typically, worn rotors are one of the major causes of brake problems, so you’ll want to replace these parts every 30,000 miles to 80,000 miles depending on your driving habits and your model. Plus, you’ll also want to make sure you replace two at a time in a set (front or rear), since each pair wears at a different rate. Typically, when you hit the brake pedal, your car leans forward and lands on your front wheels, which is why your front rotors usually wear faster. Also, you’ll want to replace your rotors with your pads, as worn rotors on fresh pads will ultimately cause your pads to wear at a faster rate.

How Do I Know I Need Brake Service?

The most obvious sign is when you hear an obnoxious screeching and grinding sound when you tap the brakes. It’s not a pleasant sound, and is typically caused by metal rubbing against metal, so you’ll want to schedule your service to help your ride sound as refined as it looks.

Can you feel any resistance when you tap your brake pedal? If it feels like your foot is about to fly to the floor, this is another sign it’s time for brake service—especially since this is usually accompanied by a strange pulling sensation to the left or right when you try to stop—and if your rotors wear enough, you’ll even feel a shaking sensation from inside your wheel.

Sometimes, you’ll also feel sliding when you attempt to stop at an intersection, which is typically caused by worn rotors and calipers not able to create enough friction along your wheel. This is an issue you’ll want to solve with brake service as quickly as possible to help avoid fender benders or obstacles in the road.

What about Brake Flushes…Should I Schedule One?

A brake fluid flush is all in the name—it’s when our technicians replace your current fluids with clean brake liquids. Since we remove all your current brake fluid (unlike a brake bleed where partial fluid is drained), we essentially flush out contaminants and particles that break off from your rotors, which, if unchecked, can change your chemical structures and make your braking power less effective. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want fresh brake fluid every 30,000 miles to help keep your stopping power on point—but we can always perform an inspection for you to help you judge.

Premium Brake Service Awaits: Visit Us in Clearwater

Ready to help restore your premium ride in your vehicle? Schedule your Audi brake repair today at Audi Clearwater, proudly serving Tampa, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and the surrounding area. While you’re here, we’ll also help you in any way possible, whether you drive an Audi TT, an Audi Q7, or anything in between. We’ll even check your brakes for you to let you know the type of service you’ll need while also helping you diagnose your brake problems—it’s only the beginning of how we stand out as your local Audi service center.

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