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Buy or Lease

Our Audi dealership is known for the wide variety of models we showcase in our state of the art showroom. Team members are pleased to answer questions, arrange for test drives, and assist customers in finding the new vehicle of their choice. Customer service knowledge extends from sedans and SUV's, to sporty coupes and compact cabriolets. Each of these vehicles can be easily purchased or leased, giving clients a range of flexible options. However like the roads we travel on, no one route is right for every driver.

Buying a New Vehicle

Purchasing a vehicle has a number of definite advantages. For people who can buy a car for cash, there is no need to work out financing scenarios. Once purchased, the automobile is yours and yours alone. Should you need to finance your purchase, be prepared to make a down-payment of at least 10% and make car payments. This plan tends to be cost-effective for many drivers, especially those who intend to keep their car for at least a decade.

Leasing a New Vehicle

Leasing offers flexibility for those drivers who wish to drive new car regularly. Since you are only pay for the use of the car for a finite number of time, monthly payments tend to be lower than with a purchase. Leasing specials offer customers a chance to drive a vehicle with a lower down-payment. Customers are able to change brands, makes and models at the end of each lease period at will or purchase their car upon completion of its lease.

Benefits of Buying

  • Once the vehicle is paid off, the car title is yours
  • You can customize the vehicle as you see fit
  • An owner can sell or trade in their vehicle at any time
  • There’s no mileage limits or penalties

Benefits of Leasing

  • Lower monthly payments and money down
  • Ability to regularly trade up to a new car
  • Lower repair costs due to new car warranties
  • You only pay sales tax on a portion of the vehicle

Find the Best Deal for You

The best method for determining how you will attain your next new car, is to visit our dealership at your convenience. Potential new car owners and lease holders should make a note of several important items before making their final decision. An excellent place to begin, is to look at how much money one is able to advance for a down-payment, or to purchase a vehicle in full.

For those who will be seeking a finance or lease agreement, knowing one's credit or FICO score is crucial. People with full-time employment, a solid credit score and a track record of steady payments are more likely to obtain a lower APR. Car shoppers who need financial assistance, would be wise to line up a qualified co-signer in advance if necessary. Our team members are always eager to work with customers, to make sure they have explored all of their purchase and leasing options.

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