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Leasing vs. Financing

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At Audi Clearwater, we know that the decision to buy a new car or to get a new car lease can be a tough one. You can trust our highly qualified team members to help answer all of the questions you may have on which option is better for you. Our team is here to help you find the perfect vehicle loan or lease offer that works with your budget and your lifestyle.

Our knowledgeable sales staff can walk you through a variety of different financing and lease options that we have available. Let's explore some of the differences between buying or leasing a new vehicle. Audi Clearwater proudly serves all customers in the St. Petersburg, Tampa and Palm Harbor, FL areas.

Buying Your New Audi For Value

Purchasing or financing a new vehicle can have its advantages over leasing a vehicle – especially if you plan to own the car for an extended period of time. When you buy a new vehicle with a new car loan, you work toward building equity. When you set up financing for the vehicle, you own it once it's paid off.

When you're financing a vehicle, you are the owner and can use the vehicle's equity to trade in for a different vehicle. You can also customize the vehicle to your liking without having to worry about any penalties. Mileage is also no concern, so you can take it for a long road trip without having to worry about any additional costs as opposed to any final closing costs after your lease ends.

Auto loan and car lease services at Crown Audi Clearwater.

Leasing Your Audi For Convenience

Leasing a new Audi can be a great option for those looking to drive a newer vehicle and explore all the current technologies that come available with each model year. Lease terms and conditions usually last 2 to 3 years, so you can always upgrade to a new vehicle when your lease is finished.

Audi Clearwater also offers leasing specials that give you the opportunity to drive a new Audi with a lower down payment than your down payment would be if you were financing a new vehicle.

When you lease a new Audi, your monthly payments will also be lower since you are only leasing the car for a predetermined amount of time. With these savings, you can even opt to upgrade the vehicle's features for around the same price as you would for a monthly payment when financing a new Audi.

The mileage, depreciation and return condition of the vehicle can also be accounted for when you return your lease vehicle. So, if you are leasing, make sure to keep the vehicle in good condition.

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If you're not in the market for a new Audi, then browse our Certified Pre-Owned selection of Audi models and other pre-owned vehicles. Our experienced finance team will help to get you the best loan terms, interest rate and monthly payments available to fit your budget.

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