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For the best Audi wheel alignments in Clearwater, FL, trust the ASE Certified experts at Audi Clearwater. Our reputable Service Center is staffed with professionals trained in Audi wheel service and all other Audi service needs.

Bring your car, truck, or SUV in to have your wheel alignment checked, and our experts will answer all your questions, and get you up to speed on which services would benefit your vehicle. As with every service, they’ll have you and your vehicle in and out in a timely manner.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment Service

There are definite warning signs that indicate your car is overdue for a wheel alignment service. The most noticeable is when your vehicle is pulling to one side or another while your steering wheel is positioned to steer straight down the road.

You also might notice a slight vibration or strange noise coming from the steering wheel. Exterior signs of improper vehicle tire alignment include tires that wear unevenly or make a squealing noise while turning.

Why Do My Wheels Need to Be Properly Aligned?

It’s very important to maintain proper vehicle alignment for more reasons than you may think. The first is safety. Having the wheels aligned to the manufacturer’s specifications will help improve your car’s handling, steering, and suspension, keeping you and your passengers safer on the road.

Secondly, proper vehicle wheel alignment will save your vehicle wear and tear and save you money by extending the life of your tires, improving your fuel efficiency, and minimizing the risk of brake failures.

What Does a Wheel Alignment Check For?

Expert technicians, like the ones at Audi Clearwater, first inspect the angles of the wheels to determine if they’re misaligned, and then inspect the vehicle’s suspension system. The three elements they look for are camber, caster, and toe:

  • Toe—the outward or inward angle of the tire from a top-down view
  • Camber—the inward and outward angle from behind or in front of the vehicle
  • The Caster—the angle of the steering axis. Negative means it’s tilted toward the front of the vehicle while positive means it’s tilted toward the driver.

Once our technicians get a proper look at what needs to be fixed or adjusted, they work with speed and precision to get your vehicle properly aligned and back on the road where you can drive safely and efficiently.

Saving Drivers On Necessary Services

At Audi Clearwater, we know that proper vehicle maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle safe and in good working order. That’s why we’re here to help you keep track of manufacturer recommended Audi vehicle maintenance services.

We’ll also help you save money on these necessary services with our Service Specials, our Parts & Accessories Specials, and savings on our easy oil change services. Our 10% Military Discount is also meant to honor our heroes by saving them money on every service we perform from routine maintenance to engine repair to body work.

Audi Clearwater Service Center is Here for You

Audi Clearwater takes pride in being a full-service car dealership. We keep our customers happy with great pricing and Audi incentives on new vehicles. You can also count on our quality Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, and our large selection of used vehicles in a variety of price ranges.

Our website and great customer service make it easy to shop with us. We offer online Model Comparisons and Research tools, an online Value Your Trade Tool, and Live Market Pricing. When you stop in, you’ll appreciate how knowledgeable salespeople are, and the ability to test drive any one of our fabulous Audi vehicles.

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